Bolt Tightening Test Systems

Sub Divided Into :

Test Systems for Pneumatic Tools (Sigma Controller) - Pokayoke

Test Systems for Battery Tools - Pokayoke.

Test Systems for Electrical Tools - Pokayoke.

• Test Systems for Pneumatic Tools (Sigma Controller) - Pokayoke

Product Description :

The Sigma Controller helps the operator to control the assembly process when using a pneumatic assembly tool of Reporting type (reporting). It counts all correct tightenings in a batch and detects premature shut-off, re-hits, stripped threads, and wrong screw and pressure fluctuations. At an assembly line it is also possible to use it as a process line control unit which ensure that no errors will pass on to the next station. The Sigma Controller has a robust design, and is easy to handle. The flexibility and durability of the equipment makes it suitable to use in an industrial environment.

Features :

• Very useful for quality assurance program in handheld tightening tools not only checks the tightening but checks if all the bolts are tightened or not.

• Wall mounted unit Operator friendly.

• Controller can be set for up to 8 different programs with selector switch.

• Supply voltage: 230VAC, 50Hz, 1Φ

• Operating temperature: 0 – 50°C

• Instant audio-visual feedback on whether the tightening was OK or not with OK or NOK lamps respectively

• Test Systems for Electrical Tools - Pokayoke.

a) Printer Gateway : Model No :GW-100

Product Description :

This Gateway is used with Atlas Copco DC nut runner for PokaYoke applications.

It is used primarily for interfacing dot matrix printers 24/40 columns to various industrial controllers for report printing of on line test results. This is very useful tool for quality assurance in assembly line as there is no opportunity for changing the test results for any personnel as the data from machine controller is send to the printer in predefined format. This also helps to reduce operators time in recording of test results & also recording becomes error free. There are various types of printer models which can be interfaced based on the application requirement. It also has memory to store intermediate data till printing command is issued. This helps to retain data even in power failure condition. Two independent RS232 ports are available to connect to printer & controller separately.

Technical Specifications :

Supply Input Output Type
24V DC RS-232 PORT ( 3 wire) female connectorRS-232 PORT (3 wire) male connector. Non Isolated

Poduct Features :

•Industrial printers can be connected to process / Machine controllers for data/status reporting.

•Standard 24 /40 column dot matrix printers can be interfaced for on line test data recording.

•Various protocols can be implemented to interface printers to controllers.

•Batch size can be defined by Thumbwheel setting for printing.

•Error indication for easy diagnostics.

Applications :

Automotive Industry

Automotive Components Manufacturers

Engine Manufacturers

Process Industry

b) Dual Line Display : Model No –DL 100

Product Description –

This particular unit is useful for operator display on machine /process line for the readout of various parameters so that operator can easily readout & take necessary action. It can be interfaced with any controller having serial RS232 / RS485 interface with predefined protocol. The protocol can be implemented to suit required controller if it does not suits standard protocol. This is quite operator friendly & the controller can be mounted at remote place at suitable site. This helps to monitor quality related parameters safely for operator due to bigger size of parameter display.

Technical Specifications :

Supply Communication port Programming port Type
24V DC+/-10% RS-232 male connector.RJ-45 female connector.Isolated Power supply.


As a local display in process industries

Torque angle display in bolt tightening

• Test Systems for Battery Tools - Pokayoke.

Product Description :

Battery tools are used for bolt tightening where accuracy & portability is important. The normal battery tools available do not possess OK / NOT OK feedback signals for interfacing to PLC systems.

Our interface unit allows interfacing of battery tools with PLC or other control system.It is very compact & is provided in wired as well as wireless versions.

The number of bolts tightened can be displayed as well as pokayoke system can be implemented with the help of this unit.

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