Garbage Control System

Product Description :

In today’s world garbage management in building ,society, apartments has become very crucial due to corporation acts for better health management & hygienic environment.

Garbage Control System helps to reduce human intervention for moving garbage from every floor to main garbage bin.

Looking into necessity of all above facts, Ken IT has developed electronic garbage control system which makes garbage collection very easy & automatic.

This system consists of main control & monitoring operator panel. This panel is connected to door controllers fitted on garbage chutes on every floor. The user shall open the garbage chute & drop the garbage into the chute provided.

Advantages :

• Advanced control system for garbage management.

• At a time only one person can drop the garbage avoiding nuisance to other floors.

• Indication for access of chute door on all floors.

• In case of door open for more than set time,door gets closed automatically.

• Master panel on ground floor use indication of all floor chutes.

• Chute cleaning through master panel.

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