Serial Communication Converters

Product Description :

Serial Converters are required for communicating two or multiple devices on a single network.The input & output communication hardware may be different for various converters.

Various types of serial converters available with us are :

1) RS 232 to RS 485/RS 422 Converter

2) USB to TTL Converter

3) USB to RS 232 Converter

4) USB to RS 485/ RS422 Converter

5) RS 232 to Ethernet Converter

Module Name Input Output Supply Type
RS232 to RS485/RS422 converter RS 232RS485/RS422230V/24VIsolated
USB to TTL converter USB PortTTLUSB PoweredNon - Isolated
USB to RS232 USB PortRS232USB PoweredNon-Isolated
USB to RS485/RS422 USB PortRS485/RS422USB PoweredNon Isolated
RS 232 to Ethernet RS232Ethernet5V DCIsolated


1. PLC/DCS/CNC Interfacing

2. AC/DC/Servo drive communication interface.

3. Energy meter & monitoring applications

4. SCADA applications

5. Scanner/Weighing Scale Interfacing

6. Time attendance recording systems

7. Third party device interfacing

and many more…

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