Signal Isolators

Product Description :

Signal isolators are required for isolating field signals from control electronics like PLC,DCS,etc.

Since isolator’s input,output,grounds are different, control electronics is protected from field having potentially high voltage,ground noise & spikes.

The various types of isolators manufactured by us are :

• Voltage to Voltage Isolators

• Voltage to Current Isolators

• Current to Voltage Isolators

• Current to Current Isolators

• RTD to mA Transmitter

• Thermocouple to mA Transmitter

• Resistance to mA Transmitter

Module Name Input Output Supply Type
Voltage to Voltage 0-10V DC0-10V DC230V ACIsolated
Voltage to Current 0-10V DC4-20 mA230V ACIsolated
Current to Voltage 4-20 mA0-10V DC230V ACIsolated
Current to Current 4-20 mA4-20 mA24V DCIsolated
RTD to mA Transmitter RTD PT-1004-20 mA230V ACIsolated
Thermocouple Transmitter J/K tc4-20 mA230V ACIsolated
Resistance Transmitter 0-10 K4-20 mA230V ACIsolated

*Various combination of input & output are available.Please send enquiry for your requirement


1. PLC/DCS/CNC Interfacing

2. AC/DC/Servo Drive communication interface

3. Energy meter & monitoring applications

4. SCADA applications

5. Utility monitoring & data logging

6. Power plant control panels

7. Process plant control panels

8. HT panels for signal isolation

and many more…

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