Timers & Counters

Product Description :

The different types of timers & counters available with us are :

• Timers :

Timers are available in the following models :

Module Name Input Output Supply
Off Delay Timer 12V / P.F.P/F contact Fix delay24V DC
Programmable Time Delay Switch P/FP / F contact Programmable delay230V AC
Digital Real Time Switch Programmable by keypad max 6 cyclesP/F contact Real Time230V AC
Calender Timer PC programmable calendar sequenceP / F contact Real Time230V AC

• Timers :

We have got various types of counters ranging from two digit resettable counter to 5 digit resettable counter.

The counter with BCD output is available .The counter with RS-485 communication is available for Data Logging purpose.

Below are the following models :

Module Name Input Output Supply
Two Digit Counter Pulse / Reset 2 digit display24V DC
Two Digit Counter with BCD output Pulse / ResetDisplay / BCD signal24V DC
Five Digit Counter Pulse / ResetDisplay / RS-485230V AC


1. Parts counting & data logging

2. Special timing control applications.

3. Pharmaceutical product counting

4. Special purpose machines

5. Production line monitoring

6. Electrical control panels

and many more…

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