Wireless Radio Programming Kit

Product Description :

This very compact & portable universal programming kit is designed & manufactured for programming various Radio sets & walkie talkie through personal computer / Laptops USB ports. In present days most of the computer systems do not provide serial RS232 communication ports, instead USB port is more common communication port provided on every system.

Since the standard cables available in the market are costly & since you need to purchase different programming sets for different radio sets it becomes very costly.Hence Ken IT universal radio programming kit is a cost effective alternative.

Features :

1) The basic converter is common for all the radio sets & W/T, only user has to use different cable on radio side to program different sets.

2) All the required cables on both sides of converter USB cable & SET/W/T side cables forms the part of this programming Interface Kit.

3) The driver CD, test software & user manual is also provided along with this Kit to provide more information & configuring laptop /PC for programming in very short time.

4) The Unit is very handy & can be carried in pocket also.


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