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AC / DC signal Converters / Isolators

Product Details

AC / DC signal Converters / Isolators:



These converters / isolators used to convert input signal into galvanically & optically isolated signals linearly proportional to the input. 4-Wire converters have two wires for the auxiliary Supply voltage & the other two set of wires for 4-20 mA or voltage input / output. The output signal is generally current 4-20 mA or DC Voltage.

Different combinations of input / output 4-Wire Signal Converters / Isolators are available as below:

  1. DC Volt I/P to 4-20mA output
  2. DC mV I/P to 0/4-20mA converter
  3. 0/4-20mA DC to 0/4-20mA DC converter.
  4. DC mV to DC Voltage converter
  5. AC current to 0/4-20mA  converter
  6. AC voltage  to 0/4-20mA converter
  7. Resistance / Potentiometer to 0/4-20mA  converter
  8. Load Cell Signal amplifier / Transmitter.

NOTE: Auxiliary supply voltages of 24/48 VDC or 110/230 VAC can be supplied as per the requirement. Dual output models are available as per the I/O requirements.


Salient features of our Signal converters / isolators:

  • Various input / output signals combination available from large basket.
  • Auxiliary supply voltages of AC & DC types with different voltages are available.
  • Input / output electronics is protected against the RF & conducted noise with high level of protection devices.
  • All the available models are provided with 3 way isolation with galvanic as well as optical isolation.
  • A very compact size of 22.5mm width enclosures reduces panel space.
  • Use of high frequency power supplies reduces the panel heating using multiple isolators.
  • All the models are provided with front side Zero & span adjustment presets for field fine tuning if required.
  • A very attractive DIN rail plastic enclosure for ease of mounting.
  • All the products are provided with 24 months of warrantee for any manufacturing defects.

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