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Data & Protocol Converters

Product Details

Data communication / Protocol converters:



Presently all industries requires today data communication with their system or products. All the industries are now going for IOT for their plants, systems or product automation.

For these applications we have broad range of products to offer for USB, RS232, TTL, Ethernet, GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi, fibre optic communications. Based on the data communication requirements user can select any of the below products for their systems.

Different types of data / protocol converters we can support are below,

1.  RS232 to RS485/422 Converter
  • 2.  UART  TTL to RS485 Converter
  • 3.  RS232/485 to Ethernet Converter
  • 4.  USB to TTL Converter
  • 5.  USB to RS232 Converter
  • 6.  USB to RS485/422Converter
  • 7.  MODBUS communication gateway
  • 8.  RS232/485 to Wi-Fi Converter
  • 9.  RS232/485 to GSM/GPRS Modem
  • 10.   Industrial IOT Remote IO
  • 11.   RS232 /485 to Ethernet protocol converter.
  • 12.   Media Converters (Serial/Ethernet/Fibre Optic)
    • Salient features of our data communications/ protocol converters:

    •       Various types of hardware / software interface converters are available from large basket.
    •       A very attractive DIN rail plastic enclosure for ease of mounting.
    •      All the products are provided with 24 months of warrantee for any manufacturing defects.
      •       The communication ports of electronics are protected against the RF & conducted noise with high level of protection devices.
      •       All the available models are provided with 3 way isolation with galvanic as well as optical isolation.
      •       A very compact size of 22.5mm width enclosures for some models reduces panel space.
      •       Use of high frequency power supplies reduces the panel heating using multiple isolators.
      •       All the models are provided with necessary switch setting/ configuration software as per the product type.
      •      Auxiliary supply voltages of AC & DC types with different voltages are available.

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